Though communication between parents and teachers has its challenges due to language barriers and distance, we try to ensure that parents are aware of how to be in the know about their child’s school life. 

Social media applications such as WeChat and QQ allow us to inform parents of upcoming activities, show them pictures of past events, and give information on daily happenings around the school.  To follow us on WeChat please scan the QR code. 

To keep parents up to speed on how their child is doing academically, we use HomeLogic. 

HomeLogic is an easy to use online tool that allows parents and students to review grades, schedules, and attendance.  Unfortunately, HomeLogic is entirely in English, but we have made a series of resources for parents so that they can easily navigate the website and be up to date on their child’s academic standing.  We encourage parents and students to maintain a running dialogue with each other and the school.