Sino-Canada School
#1 Liannan Road Fenhu Economic Development Zone
Wujiang, Jiangsu China 215211
Tel: +86-0512-6326-2262
Life in Luxu

Though the address of the school says Wujiang city, Sino-Canada is actually located in Luxu town.  By local standards, Luxu is relatively small.
Like many small towns, the streets are lined with local vendors who are often interested in what the laowei (foreigners) are doing or buying. 

The Sino-Canada teachers make up the vast number of foreigners you’ll see walking around town, though there are some Americans that work
at a local factory.  Although Luxu is a small town, everything that you need is available. 

There is a Tesco grocery store 5 km from the campus right in Luxu town.  Also available is an online food ordering service called Kate and Kimi
(  They deliver to the school twice a week, and have a fabulous selection of fresh food, pre-cooked meals, and foreign items.

For getting around Luxu town you have a few options at your disposal.  Some teachers take taxis or walk, but most teachers have chosen to buy
an E-scooter or a pedal bike as their main modes of transportation since nothing is too far away.  For getting to and from Shanghai or Suzhou,
there is a local bus station that has service to both cities 7 days a week for about $5 each way.

Sino-Canada School is on the same piece of property as Zsplashes Resort.  This is where you will be put up for your first week at the school. 
After getting yourself acquainted with the area you can decide whether you’d like to live in Zsplashes or find an apartment in town. 

At the moment, the staff is split with 50% living on campus and 50% in town.  Both options have their positives and negatives.

The School Day

Sino-Canada is a bustling community.  We pride ourselves in not only teaching our students BC content but also giving them an authentic
western educational experience.   Though class begins at 7:45, you will find teachers in their classrooms prior to the bell greeting their students. 

We run a 5-block schedule, and each block is 85 minutes long.  Blocks A, B and C all occur before lunch, which is a 70-minute common break
for all students and teachers. 

Block D begins at 1:25 and is the last block of the day for the majority of the students.  We do offer block E classes; however, they are geared
towards our grade 11 and 12 students, as our grade 10 students are required to be enrolled in either our Bilingual Support Program classes or
Chinese Program classes.

Following class time is designated Club Time.  From 4:40-5:30 Monday -Thursday, BC teachers run a variety of extra curricular activities for our
students to enjoy. 

On Friday, A-D blocks run from 7:45 - 11:35, with student buses leaving at 1:00.